Underground Tank Sweep NJ

Knowing the condition of the home you are about to purchase is critical. A standard home inspection includes the interior and exterior inspection of the house. However, the inspection for the underground tank sweep is way more critical. 

We, at Ark Home Inspector, provide the complete services for your oil tank sweep from locating the tank, removal testing and remediation under one roof. Our years of experience in tank removal of various makes and types provides us the expert knowledge to know what to look for when performing the tank sweep. 

We are equipped with the latest tools and are trained with the latest techniques to locate the tanks accurately and follow the required removal and remediation process. For effective tank sweep services, contact the licensed home inspectors from Ark Home Inspector today before closing your deal for the new home.

What Is Underground Tank Sweep?

The underground tank sweep, also known as heating oil tank scan, is home inspection service add on. Choosing underground tank sweep from Ark Home Inspector will let you know if there was an undisclosed oil tank buried in the property.

When you buy a property, you buy the liabilities along. Ensuring and checking the conditions and issues beforehand helps you make an informed decision. The appliances and the cosmetic features of the home still can be taken care of, but the problems related with leaking oil tanks makes a huge hole in your pockets. Hiring a certified and licensed home inspector and the underground tank sweep service from Ark Home Inspector will save huge amounts on your deals.