Termite Inspection Services New Jersey

Termites damage thousands of homes each year in the US. They can inflict significant and long-term damage to homes and other structures. In fact, termite damage to structures costs more in the United States each year than fire, storm, and floods combined.

The good news is termite infestation can be dealt with and all the termite colonies can be destroyed before it’s too late. All you need is a termite inspection carried out by experts. The main goal is to prevent termite infestation and for that, you would need professional help.

If you suspect you have a termite infestation, schedule a thorough termite inspection as soon as possible. ARK Home Inspection provides termite inspection services in New Jersey to safeguard your property and wooden structures against these nasty pests.

Before beginning any treatment, our certified experts conduct a thorough inspection of all the accessible areas for existing and/or potential termite infestations. With a thorough inspection of your house, both inside and out, looking for signs of termite activity as well as potential entrance ways, our team drafts an inspection report. 

Once the termite inspection is finished, you’ll receive the report which summarises the inspection in detail, including whether any termite infestation exists, the areas of major concern, and if any damages were discovered. The report will also provide recommendations so that you can decide on the right plan of action.

To schedule a termite inspection, give us a call or get in touch online.