Tank Sweep/Scan Services New Jersey

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are over 100 thousand unknown storage tanks hidden below the ground in New Jersey that ought to be properly dismantled or removed.

Below the surface of your dream home, a leaking oil tank can become a nightmare. Anyone can research “oil tank leak” and find a variety of frightening online pages, and horror stories about tanks leaking and the expensive headaches that follow. 

Prior property owners who abandoned the tanks pose a great risk to new buyers as they will be accountable for the entire cost of the cleanup if the tank starts to leak or is already leaking.

If you’re buying a house, we suggest you consider ARK Home Inspection’s tank sweep/scan services in New Jersey. A tank sweep is a low-cost solution that can provide you with peace of mind while potentially saving you thousands of dollars in site remediation costs.

When executing an oil tank scan, we use a range of techniques, including soil probing, GPR (ground penetrating radar), and magnetometry. With our technology and equipment, we can efficiently locate any underground oil tanks. You will receive a written report detailing the investigation’s procedures and conclusions as soon as it is completed. 

We also go over our tank sweep inspection process in great detail to help you make an educated decision.

Contact us to schedule an inspection or if you have any questions. Any inquiries you may have about an oil tank sweep can be answered by our experts at any time.