EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm

Any renovation, repair, or painting activity like sanding, cutting, and more, potentially releases dangerous lead-based dust and chips which are extremely harmful to everyone, even a small amount of lead dust can prove to be life-threatening to your children and family. To minimize the risk of danger while working, the role of EPA comes into play.

Ark Home Inspection takes great pride in declaring that it is an EPA lead-safe certified firm, which means that if you hire us for home inspection services, we make sure we are not just improving the quality of your home but also keeping it safe, which means we keep hazardous lead dust and chips, off the site to safeguard adults, children and, pets at home.

EPA states that any company offering repairs and renovation services should be EPA Lead-Safe Certified. In order to be a lead certified company, the organization has to undergo several steps and procedures to be able to achieve its certification status.

Hiring a firm that works in accordance with EPA regulations ensures that the people you are dealing with are thorough professionals, knowledgeable, and follow all lead-safe work practices while inspecting your home. They assign their certified renovator for supervising clean-up right after the job is done to ensure that the property stays lead-free at all times. So, if you want to keep your family also safe along with your home, contact us today! We are not just the best in our home inspection services but are also EPA lead-safe certified firm! The cherry on the cake, right?