Rental Home Inspection Services New Jersey

Most of the time you will come across well-put and beautifully maintained houses when you are hunting to rent one. That doesn’t mean it is a property without any defects or damages. Many homeowners stage their houses in such a way that your focus is only restricted to the cosmetic elements of the house. 

Before you make the decision of moving in, it is imperative that you get a home inspection done. The team at Ark Home Inspections is well-trained to inspect rental properties and ensure habitability as well as safety of the house. 

This home inspection will help you save several thousands of dollars that you might need to repair for the damages you come across after renting. Moreover, you might also face a situation where you are asked to pay for the damages when you are moving out, even though the defect was already there when you shifted. You won’t have proof to show in this situation. 

With the home inspection reports, you will always have an upper hand. This will also help you seem like a conscientious tenant. 

There are also chances that you are offered a home inspection by your landlord himself. If not, you can always contact your own home inspector and get the property examined thoroughly. 

Here is a checklist that our home inspectors follow when they examine the rental property: 

  • HVAC systems including climate control, water boiler, and others. 
  • Cosmetic features such as chipped paint and cracked walls. 
  • Condition of the doors and windows. 
  • Electrical systems including lights and switches. 
  • Water damages.
  • Presence of molds and mildew.
  • The functionality of the bathroom and kitchen fittings.
  • Plumbing systems, pipes, and networks. 

There are also plenty of other rental home inspection services that our home inspectors offer. Get on a call with us today to get a free consultation session with one of our experts.