Move-In Certified Sellers Home Inspection

As a seller, it can often get challenging to find buyers. More importantly, it can get difficult to find buyers who are willing to pay the asking price. 

It is also your responsibility as a seller to make sure that the house you are selling is in its top-notch condition. It should be habitable and safe for the future residents or owners of the house. This is where a move in certification can help. 

When you decide to sell your house, the most important step to take even before listing the house is getting it inspected. Sellers should book an appointment, get a home inspector to thoroughly examine the house, and then list the place. 

There are several benefits of becoming one of the move-in certified sellers in the city. When you have a certification and inspection, you will learn about the true cost of the house. You will be sure that you are not asking for less than what the house is worth. 

When you get your house inspected, you will not have to stage it in front of your potential buyers. This just means that you will not have anything to hide since you can get everything fixed before the buyers visit your house. 

The move-in certification home inspection will also ensure the safety of the house. You don’t want the new homeowners to face any problems in the future in the house that you sold to them. 

With this inspection, you will have an upper hand and can direct the deal however you wish to. If you want to get your home sale-ready before you call in your realtor, get on a call with us today.