Home Repair Verification Inspection New Jersey

Chances of you landing on this page are that you already booked an appointment with a home inspector, got the property that you are planning to buy or rent examined, and have also fixed all the defects or faults that were mentioned in the reports. 

Now comes the main question – whether you should get the property re-inspected or not? The answer is pretty simple. 

Many times the repairs that you get are not really done properly or enough repairs are not done, especially if you asked the sellers to take care of them. You don’t want to face any problems or any additional costs even after you have gotten yourself a home inspection done. 

With home repair verification inspection, our home inspectors are always prompt and work according to your convenience. Whether or not you have the receipts from the contractors, we make sure that all the repairs that you got done were in place. 

To make the entire process easier and quicker for both of us, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind. 

First, make sure that your repair requests are specific. It is crucial for you to not request the wrong element to be fixed or specify an improper repair. Always refer to what the home inspection reports have specified.

Secondly, always ask for the building permits when you are requesting repairs. 

Thirdly, get the repairs done yourself as much as possible. You can always renegotiate the asking price with the seller but you should take charge of getting the repairs done. 

Make sure that you are not leaving out anything to interpretation. This will save you and your home inspector both some time as most of the repairs would be when done properly. 

If you are looking for getting a home inspection, a re-inspection, or both done, you can contact us today and let us help you ensure the habitability of the house.