New Jersey Certified Home Inspector

Buying a home is an extensive process. It is not a decision that is often taken hastily. It can get costly and stressful. However, nothing can beat the sense of accomplishment that one feels after investing in a home. 

Purchasing a property requires capital. Huge capital. You don’t want to first spend hundred-thousands of dollars on purchasing the property and then additional thousands on getting the repairs done. Most properties are often staged. Our home inspectors look far and beyond those foggy glasses of bright colors and gleaming slabs. 

It is crucial to get the property examined before investing in it. It helps you determine if the house is safe and habitable. It is also a great practice to make an informed decision. 

During the home inspection process, our property inspectors unveil all the accessible defects and faults that are hidden behind the concrete. 

Of course, not all the properties are in a poor condition. However, with a home inspection, you will not have any second thoughts about the environment being healthy. It will induce a sense of satisfaction and make it comfortable for you to reside in the property.

The checklist of home inspection by Ark Home Inspectors include the following: 

  • Effectiveness and functionality of the entire HVAC system. 
  • Proper measurements of the room including length, breadth, and height to help the buyer plan space management. 
  • Condition of the plumbing system. Understanding if the pipes used are latest or outdated. 
  • Water leakages and seepages. 
  • Cosmetic features including cracks chipped paint and broken tiles among many. 
  • Damages on windows, doors, and sidings.
  • Condition of the entire electrical system including phase switches, fans, lights, panels, breakers, and exhaust fans among many. 

These are a few of the many services that are offered by home inspectors at Ark Home Inspections. Call us and get a no-obligation quote today.